Be A Jagrik

Amplifying youth voices for social change

Deeper Engagement with SMILERs 

December 2018: 76 Jagriks, mainly college students  who expressed interest in going through a deeper engagement with the process called the SMILE journey were identified through three youth addas on SDGs in December 2018. The lead collaborator, YES foundation, Uttar Pradesh organized the Addas. The level of debate was of high quality and the participants were able to see and engage with the multiple layers of the issue and connect it to their everyday lives. These SMILERs who were oriented along with their Youth facilitators in December 2018.

Understanding youth development and leadership programmes in UP

July, September & October 2018: Since July 2018, when the collaboration commenced, all the 10 partners in the state of Uttar Pradesh are on board. Two seven days Foundation workshops were organized in September and October 2018 where the 10 partners came together to understand their work and to build awareness on constitutional literacy and SDGs with a focus on how they can effectively run youth development and leadership programmes sustainably with youth in UP.

Be A Jagrik

Gandhi Jayanti marks the online launch of Be A Jagrik

A string of social media posts, inspiring videos from community members calling out young people to join the journey marked the launch of Be A Jagrik initiative, collecting more than 1000 views over the internet. Gaurang Raval from Sauhard, Misao Hejang from Inside North East, Namita Agarwal, principal of Jamshedpur Public School and many others talked about their experience and learning and inspired youth to LIVE the Sustainable Development Goals and live the Constitution of our country.

Post the launch, participants took part in a discussion on a statement based PPP framework in youth adda based on SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption & Production) followed by Group Discussion based on SDG 8 (Decent work and economic growth)

The Project

Be A Jagrik (Aware Citizen) aims to create spaces to emphasize the importance of dialogue, discussion and debate, by using the power of inspiring storytelling that appeal to the young people and communities. The project is being implemented by Youth Collective in Uttar Pradesh, a state that ranks first in terms of both adolescent and youth population in the country.

Statistics of the Project


Number of Jagriks in place


Young people to be impacted through direct and indirect outreach


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