Saathiya Cinema

Promoting Adolescent Health with the power of village infotainment

Training of resource persons on use of technology 

December 2018: ASHA facilitators, NGO trainers and key personnel have been involved in the implementation and monitoring of the project. They are responsible for monitoring and mentoring the Saathiyas and ASHAs at village level for organizing Saathiya Cinema shows as per the guidelines. A training module on the use of technology (projector) and job aid for running the Saathiya Cinema Show has been developed. The module comprises of two sections, one on orientation of the Saathiyas and ASHAs on operational guidelines and the second on the use of projector and troubleshooting. District level training was undertaken for NGO mentors, ASHA facilitators, RKSK Counsellors, Block Community Mobilisers on the use of technology (Projector) in December 2018. The participants were trained as trainer to conduct training of Saathiyas and ASHAs through cluster level meetings organized under RKSK Program. Training of Saathiyas and ASHAs in 31 clusters was completed out of a total 61 Clusters during December 2018.

Branding of Saathiya Cinema 

December 2018- February 2019: Post identification of spaces for the cinema, the project team worked on its establishment as Saathiya Cinema Centres. Branding of the centres was undertaken through wall paintings that have the names of ASHA, Peer Educators (Saathiya), timing and days of the show displayed prominently. 

Development of Saathiya Cinema Episodes

November & December 2018: Relevant episodes of Mein Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon, a TV serial on health issues and selected Bollywood movies with social themes identified for screening. In addition, 12 dedicated episodes on adolescent health have been developed.

Saathiya Cinema Spaces identified 

October 2018: With the help of the ASHA facilitators and NGO mentors working in the 605 RKSK villages, a space was identified in each of these villages for setting up Saathiya Cinema Shows.

Preparation underway 

Aug- December 2018: 605 RKSK villages in Chhattarpur fully equipped to run Saathiya Cinemas

In 2014, the Government of India launched the Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK): The world's largest ever adolescent health programme. RKSK involves a paradigm shift from the conventional clinic-based curative approach, to a more holistic approach which stresses on community-based health promotion and preventive care. A team of adolescent peer facilitators has been formed in every RKSK village to help disseminate information on adolescent health, and direct their peers towards professional counselling and health services. These peer facilitators are called Saathiya. UNFPA is working closely with the National Health Mission in MP to redesign the communication material and processes, so that the adolescents find the meetings and their discussions on adolescent health interesting, participatory and useful. Saathiya Cinema aims to organize fixed day entertainment and education meets to promote adolescent health in rural communities of Madhya Pradesh.

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