Saathiya Rath

Mobile counselling at monthly contact cost of just Rs.11 per adolescent

Procurement of Saathiya Rath

April- December 2018: In 2018, UNFPA recruited a consultant, who completed the design and fabrication of vehicle that will be used as mobile health clinics. Based on the designs/fabrications proposed by the consultant, procurement of five Saathiya Raths were initiated and Request for Proposals (RFP) was floated as per UNFPA procurement guidelines. Unfortunately, the response from vehicle manufacturers has been very poor and the two bids that were received were higher than the prevailing market prices of mobile vans. Hence, it was decided to scrap the process.

In Madhya Pradesh, for adolescents who need counselling and basic healthcare services, they need to travel all the way to a district hospital or community health center at the block level that has an RKSK adolescent-friendly counselling center. Due to problems of distance and lock of mobility beyond their villages, most adolescents find it difficult to access the counselling services. The Saathiya Swasthya Rath proposed by UNFPA is designed as a cost-effective approach for providing quality counselling and basic health screening and information through customized mobile vans that will visit approximately 320 government secondary schools every month, across around 2000 villages. Covering approximately 120,000 adolescents in a state where over 70% go to school.

Statistics of the Project


Adolescents being reached


Adolescent receiving individual counseling


Adolescent receiving basic health screening